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Here is the info you'll need to know if you're interested in one of our Speedway Wraps.  We utilize TWO 54" Roland VersaCamm printers to produce our wraps.   We also utilize TWO laminating machines, once the wraps are printed.  We will use Arlon Wrap media to print Speedway Wraps.  With that, we will use the Arlon Wrap laminate that coincides with that particular media.  We've found that the Arlon is a very good material that has great printing characteristics as well as ease of installation.  And, it won't break the bank when it comes to customer costs.  We're always looking for ways to cut the cost for our customers.  We've settled on the Arlon brand at this time.  We will still use the 3M ControlTac at times, as well.  Our designers have several years of designing race cars and have seen everything from wild, multi-colored designs.....that are also extremely hard to make out or read, and they've seen the simplest, yet most effective designs.  Our designers like to fall in the middle.  Maintaining readability, and yet still be colorful and exciting.  Our Speedway Wraps are sure to provide you with that extra pizzazz that you want your fans to notice, and your sponsors to be happy with.  Speedway Wraps are easy to install.  We can give some tips at the time of placing your order to help with your install.    

Prices for "Speedway Wraps" will vary depending on car type.  Pricing for Dirt Late Models and Modifieds are listed below.  As usual, shipping is extra.  These prices are a baseline only and does not account for extra time for artwork.  We will provide one design with these prices, if the racer wants to see a different design, those are billed additional at $100 per design.  Trust us, we'll come up with a unique and eye catching design for you.  Our time is extremely valuable, so we won't waste time on doing something the racer hasn't asked for.  We do not "give away" our time.  We will NOT copy another car you've seen before.  We have been asked to do that before, and we have done it, but we will no longer copy another racecar design.  We will however, use SOME of the design elements and come up with a unique design for you.  If you have no preference on design, let us work.  We'll come up with a unique design that will have a wide range of colors and graphics.  Prices for Stock Cars or Hobby Stocks and Sprint Cars will fall somewhere in these areas, but it is best to call for a more accurate quote.  

Dirt Late Models-------------------------
Complete wrap - sides, hood/filler, roof, sail panels    -  $795.00
Standard package - sides, roof number, drivers names -  $535.00
Sides only - both doors and quarters                           -  $450.00 

Add ons  -  sail panels  -  $89.00 per pair
                  hood         -  $129.00
                  filler         -  $110.00

 Additional sponsors for either hood or the nose filler can be added at additional cost. Applies to Standard Package.

  IMCA-type/UMP-type Modifieds-------------------------------------
Complete wrap - sides, hood/nose, roof, sails             -  $695.00 
Standard package - sides, roof number, drivers names  -  $439.00
Sides only - doors and quarters                                   -  $349.00

   Add ons -  sail panels  -  $99.00 per pair
                  hood         -  $99.00
                  nose         -   $69.00

   Additional sponsors for either hood or nose can be added at additional cost.  Applies to Standard Package.

 All orders with Fluorescent overlays are billed an additional $100 over and above the wrap price.  For instance, if you're wanting Fluorescent Orange numbers on your wrap, we'll add the Fluorescent Orange to your numbers and a couple of your sponsors for an additional $100 over and above the Complete, Standard, or Sides-Only Package prices.  It's much easier to do it this way than to try to price out each piece individually.  This covers all of the Fluorescent colors that we have available, Orange, Red, Green, Yellow, Hot Pink.  Two different colors of Fluorescent on one wrap....WILL increase the price, naturally.

You'll get a pretty nice product for those prices.  We can drop in special effects, add photos to the wrap, etc.  The wrap will come to you laminated with a tough material designed to fight against dirt, chemical spills and light tire marks.  It will be in one long piece that is best installed by two people.  We also build a bit of "bleed" into the wraps....which means there will be extra material on the top, sides and bottom of the wrap that will hang off the car.  This allows for positioning properly.  If necessary, we'll place marks with grease pencil(rubs off easily) that will coincide with the body lines and where to start the wrap.  It's also a good idea to get the car up off the ground on jack stands with the tires off the car.

We print our wraps right here at our shop, we DO NOT sub-contract this print work to other 
professional printers.  We ARE professional printers.  Some shops sub-out their print work.   Mostly because they simply don't have the equipment or the knowledge.  We possess both of these.  This lets us have control over how we print, what material we print on, and how fast we can turn it around.  If you crack up a body panel on your racecar, we can easily print a new wrap panel to fill in the new aluminum.  By using a quality laminating film, we can provide excellent protection of the print.  We use a 3.2mil overlaminate that will hold up to mud, cleaning chemicals, "mudd off", light scrapes, tools and jack handles banged into the sides of the car, lazy crew guys leaning on the car, etc.

The possibilities are endless with "Speedway Wraps".  We can use your artwork, which could add slightly to final price or we can come up with a nice racy design for you.  Give us a
call to see what we can do for you  !!!  We definitely don't like to copy another shops work, therefore we prefer to come up with an original design for you.  If you see something you like, we can take cues from that, but we won't copy another design.  

If you're going to call to order a wrap, please have all your racecar body measurements.  Use these savable layouts to measure your car so we're able to make the wrap fit your exact car.  All body makers are a bit different and it is a "craft" anymore to make racecar bodies.  We want your wrap to fit properly with no lettering or sponsors "falling off" the usable areas of the car.  

   Click these to open an image of our Late Model templates for measurements.  Print them and use these to write down the measurements of your racecar.  You can then fax or mail that to us so we'll be able to make your Speedway Wrap fit your racecar accurately.  You can also use these forms to write down the measurements then call us and we'll transfer your measurements to our template.

   latemodelside.jpg (46374 bytes)          latemodeltop.jpg (21114 bytes)       modifiedside.jpg (39980 bytes)       modifiedtop.jpg (19626 bytes)

   Late Model Side       Late Model top view     Modified Side     Modified top view

Templates are property of Action Signs, Inc./Speedway Graphics.  No unauthorized duplication without prior consent.



Some cars we've completed with Speedway Wraps.........

            Doug Burgess - Co. Bluffs, Iowa.  Full body wrap, front to back, & top
            to bottom.  Flo. yellow overlays, with metallic sparkle overlaminate.
            Some shops call this "HD Wraps".  

            Justin Wulf - Arlington, Ne.  half wrap design, with separate overlays,
                                           separate sponsors print and cut.

              Matt Boucher - Murdock, Ne.  Sides wrap, with Fluorescent overlays
               Also has separate printed and cut graphics on the hood.

                Blaine Petersen - Essex, Iowa.  Half Wrap with separate printed and
                     cut sponsors and hood graphics.

                Brian Foote - Essex, Iowa.  Half Wrap design, with separate print 
                                     and cut sponsors for sails, tail, and nose.

            A young lady from Clear Lake, South Dakota.......Maria Konold.  Wissota
            Super Stock.  Wrapped sides with separate printed and cut roof number.

Dan Rhiley, moved up to the IMCA Modified division this year after winning the IMCA Sport Compact
National Championship.  Sides and sail panels only on this wrap.  

        Tanner Powers - Exira, Iowa.  Sides only wrap.  Separate fluorescent overlays
                       and sponsors.  Yes, that's a Natty Light can on the side ! 

      Tim Plowman, Woodbine, Iowa.....wrapped sides and a wrapped checkerboard roof and sails, complete his 2009 IMCA Modified.



Scott Daly for 2008.  Wrapped sides, with a hood graphic that was hand contour
cut and applied to the black aluminum.  YES, that is our new '08 Challenger 
headlight and grill kit !!  Chris, here at the shop created that and so far
Daly, who is a MOPAR FREAK, has the first ever Challenger nose piece on a modern
Dirt Late Model.  This was designed and added to this car LONG before the Prelude
to the Dream '08 race ever happened...where a car showed up with a Challenger nose kit.
Sized to fit the common MD3 dirt nose.  Contact us if you're interested in this nose
piece I.D. kit.  Price will run around $35 due to the amount of material used.  

       Mark Haddox, of Ultimate Racing Products in Omaha had us wrap his ProComp
    dragster.  Not nearly as easy as you think.  There is ONE seam in the entire wrap.

    "Mad Dog" Scott Koskovich went with a wrap this year.  His idea of "mad dog"
  is Scooby Doo !!!  One of the best guys you'll ever wanna meet.

     John Nicholson's Super Late Model.  Separate hood graphics and a Speedway Graphics
   Fusion nose I.D. kit was installed up front.  We're now creating our own nose I.D. kits in-house
  at Speedway Graphics.  

     Scotty Hartman from Lincoln, Ne.  He went to a Spec Late Model this season and
   decided to try the wrap look.  Again, separate hood graphics will save the racer
   some money.

  Corey Zeitner of Bellevue, Ne.   He likes the gray, white and black look along with
  the fluorescent overlays.  Corey chose a Caddy grill and Monte Carlo lights ?!!!!??  
    Montillac ????  Caddicarlo ???

                 J.J. Fritz from Fremont, Ne.  Moved up to A-Mod this season.

       "The Shark" Shawn Harker.  His Open Late Model has wrapped sides
       and separate hood graphics.

        Marshall Wiblin of Charleston, WV.  Wrapped sides and printed roof number.
      "White Lightning" is appropriate for this Lazer G2 chassis.

          Ed McConnell of Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Moved up to IMCA Sport Mod this season.
       Wrapped sides with separate printed sponsors for nose and sails.  IMCA contingencies
       for the Northern Sport Mod division were incorporated into the wrap to make it easier
      for the racer to know that his decals are on the car at every IMCA sanctioned event he
      or she attends.

                Open Late Model for Marty Doner from Council Bluffs, Ia.


Sprint Cup driver Carl Edwards.  This car was wrapped to emulate his Cup ride for a one time
appearance at I-80 Speedway in 2006.  Carl competed against his brother Kenny for the first time ever.  And, no, Carl didn't beat his brother !!  Immediately after the race, the body panels were removed and put in storage for a later silent auction for charity benefit.  On this particular wrap,
we incorporated the contingency decals for the Nascar Weekly Racing Series directly in the print.
We can also do this for your wrap and save you having to add those later.

    Ron Tex Jr.  New MasterSbilt for 2008.  Again, wrapped sides with separate hood graphics.

   B-modified racer, Jim Morlock of Pettibone, ND.  "Half wrap" on the sides, sails, and back panel .  Jim went with a half-wrap this year as a bit easier way to install.  Printed hood graphics and a printed sponsor for the hood highlight a real stunner.  Jim loves the John Deere Green !!!  Jim has been a 
loyal Speedway customer for around 12 years now !!  

       Nick Clifford from Omaha.  Not a total wrap, but the sides of the wings
   were wrapped to make it easier to add some excitement to the car.  Also, 
   easier and cheaper than painting a wing.  We can cover the sides of a raw
   aluminum wing without the need of the racer painting it.

Scott Riggs, Jason Riggs and Kevin Cole driving the Riggs Motorsports cars.  Complete side wraps along with printed hood graphics.  These wraps also had some of Scott's product sponsors incorporated into the wraps.  Which makes it easier than applying all those small decals by hand.  Another way a wrap can save time and energy.  (Photos by Rick Schwallie)

    Laini Schwartz.  Sides, sails and roof              Jeff Jones.  Another complete wrap.
    wrap.   Fluorescent overlays were cut            Again, fluorescent overlays were cut 
    for the numbers and sponsors.                              for the numbers and sponsors.

       Drag Racer Eric Moench.  Photo at left is the car as it rolled into our shop.  At right 
       is the finished product.  This was a complete wrap top to bottom, front to back.  
       A "real fire" flame was incorporated at the front of the car while the rest of the car
      used a lightning storm with some subtle graphics down each side. 

 Robert Tipperys' IMCA Northern Sport Mod for 2008.  Teal color scheme for him this year.  Once again, a complete wrap.  This falls into the "Complete Wrap" price category. 

   This is Roberts' car for 2009.   Again, a complete wrap.  Fluorescent and Holographic overlays were
 used again to tie in the fluorescent orange frame and cage.  Orange wheels help as well.

     Spec Cage Kart for Arie Schouten.  Wrapped hood, side panels and rear "tank".                                     


       Kayla Jo Stoops' 600cc Micro Sprint for 2008.  Yes....we wrapped a Sprint Car body !!!! 
       This is NOT a "show car" by any means..... this is a racecar, all the way.  

Brian Foote, Essex, Iowa.  This car was wrapped on the sides, sails and roof only.  Separate hood
graphics were printed and contour cut.  


Buddy Cisar... This was a partial wrap on the sides and hood of Buddy's SCCA Mustang.
The photo doesn't do it much justice.  Bright yellow car, with orange, red and black diamond plate graphics accent this Pony.

                  Another of the many commercial jobs we've had.  KGBI radio here
               in Omaha had us wrap their "live remote" van.  Sides, hood, and the
               back were wrapped.  Also, ClearVue material was used over the
               passenger side cargo door windows and the back windows.

Another vehicle we recently finished.  Dodge Sprinter for Complete Nutrition here
in Omaha.  Large vehicles are no problem for us.  Be it a 24 foot box van or a cargo van,
we can usually wrap it with no problem.


                                Dodge Durango for Complete Nutrition.

             24 foot box van for National Paper Co.  Full wrap on the sides and
         roll-up back door.   We're capable of just about any size of wrap job now.