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Here is the Staff of Action Signs/Speedway Graphics hard at work.  We keep all four
of our sign cutting machines and both of our digital printers running constantly.  Plus, 
the guys out back are at work throughout the day preparing racecar lettering orders
to be shipped out.  Every day brings new challenges to the staff at Speedway Graphics.
With the combined experience of the entire staff, you the racer, can be assured that
your racecar lettering will be done right the first time and delivered to you ready to install.   


  Speedway Graphics President, Stan Cisar at work on            Designer, Joe Proctor works with a 
 the computer displaying a layout for a Late Model.                     customer over the phone on their racecar                  
 When not managing a steady workload at Action Signs,              lettering.  Joe's been with us for 20 years                       
 Stan is at the racetrack, announcing from high atop the             and handles the Design Department at both                   
 grandstands at Eagle Raceway in Eagle, Ne.  He can also            Action Signs and Speedway Graphics.  He also
 be found at some of the historic Road Race tracks in the            spends his weekends as the track announcer 
country, crewing SCCA Trans Am, and GT1 events with his          at I-80 Speedway in Greenwood, Ne., as well
son and driver, Bud.                                                                  as Shelby County Speedway in Harlan, Iowa.  Joe
                                                                                                spent some time behind the wheel of his own racecar
Stan is also a former driver having spent a few years behind        as well.
 the wheel of his own cars in the early days of Late Model           
  racing, during the 1970's.  When Stan tells you he's seen           
racecar lettering from a whole new view, believe him !!              
High atop the grandstands is where the fans will see your
lettering from, and that's who you're trying to reach !!! 


  Dan Smith handles design work as well as                  John Sparano is at work preparing a
organizing our workflow here at the shop.  A 14             new order for shipping.  John brings a great
year member of our team here, Dan was promoted        great wealth of racing knowledge with him.
to a Designer position after spending time "in the         He's worked on many pit crews for various
trenches" installing lettering and sign production.          Late Model teams and serves as our "eyes" 
Dan brings a great amount of installation ability            in the field making sure we're always on top
as well as general organization to the shop area to        of our game.  
keep our workflow at optimum levels.                   

 The Staff here at Speedway Graphics pride themselves on providing the racers with the best product they can create. You can be sure that what you order from us, you will get.  If we make a mistake, we will fix it.  We're racers also, and we know what it takes to keep a race car on the track.  We know how many hours are spent in the garage, sweatin' and bustin' knuckles to get that car back to the track the next weekend.   We will do our best to make our customers happy, and proud to show off their race cars.  Thank you for giving us a try, and believing in our abilities.