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  Take a look at the quilts that are now being made by Carol Cisar, Stan's wife and co-owner of Action SignsShe uses old racing t-shirts to make these quilts into attractive colorful, WARM memories of racing years gone by.  A true conversation piece that your family and friends can cherish for years.  A great way to also clean up that old t-shirt drawer.  Still get good use out of your older shirts without having to toss 'em in the shop rag pile !!  Now you can keep your old shirts and look back over the years to see your favorite drivers.  
     For more info about her quilts go to her website listed below.   Check out the pictures below to get a look at her latest designs.  She can use your old t-shirts and you can have a totally unique keepsake to keep you warm on those winter nights waiting for the racing season to start.

    She is making several different types of quilts, not only the racecar designs.  Using a computerized sewing machine, she can put practically any design pattern into the quilt.  Check her website for her latest works.  

Click on the pictures to see an enlarged view.


               checkerquilt1.JPG (419984 bytes)                         checkerquilt2.JPG (422179 bytes)

                           The Checker Pattern Quilt                                            A close up view of the checker
                             with checker flag border.                                         border quilt she made using Stan's
                                                                                                                       old racing t-shirts.

                           blackquilt1.JPG (311479 bytes)                                      blackquilt2.JPG (348096 bytes)
A more simple quilt made                                            A close up of the black border
                             with a black border and a                                        quilt.  This quilt is still in the process
                               few checker patterns in                                         with it not yet having the stuffing or
                                         the center.                                                       the back side attached yet.


                                     For more information, check out her website at 



       bobk.jpg (54582 bytes) joetractor.jpg (564016 bytes)