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These are our low cost lettering packages.  We combine the basic parts of the racecar 
together in one package that can save you some money.  Of course, packages can have 
sponsors and numbers added at additional cost.  Call about adding extra sponsors to your 
order with a price quote.  If you don't think your order will fall into a package....CALL
to discuss your order.

ECONO: ------------------------------- $79.50
                           (3) large numbers   (2) small numbers    (2) drivers names     all one color per decal
BASIC: ---------------------------------- $139.50
( 3) large numbers  (2) small numbers  (4) sponsors  (2) drivers names
                      all one color per decal     * 2 color numbers add $30
STANDARD: ----------------------------- $219.50
                       (3) large 2 color numbers  (2) small 2 color numbers  (4) 2 color sponsors
                            (2) drivers names  (5) Crew/Thanks names  
                                   * Special colors on numbers add $30
DELUXE: --------------------------------- $299.50
(3) larger 3 color numbers  (2) small 3 color numbers  (6) 2 color sponsors
                            (2) drivers names    (5) Crew/Thanks names
                                   * Numbers are 1 Special color and 2 Standard colors
                                   * Sponsors are 1 Special color and 1 Standard color
SUPREME: ------------------------------- $399.50
                            (3) large 3 color numbers  (2) small 3 color numbers  (6) 3 color sponsors
                            (2) drivers names   (5) Crew/Thanks names
                              * Numbers and Sponsors are 2 Special colors and 1 Standard color


      Special colors are defined as Holographic Prizm, Fluorescent and Mirror.  Standard colors
are defined as the basic colors of decal material such as solid colors. 

STANDARD COLORS                               SPECIALTY COLORS
WHITE                           MINT GREEN                HOLOGRAPHIC:    FLUORESCENT:          MIRROR:
   BLACK                            APPLE GREEN                 SILVER                  HOT PINK                    CHROME
   TOMATO RED                 GREEN                            GOLD                   ORANGE                      GOLD
   CARDINAL RED               DARK GREEN                    VIOLET                 RED                        PEARL:
   PRIMROSE YELLOW        TEAL                               PURPLE                 YELLOW                      RED
   CHROME YELLOW          MAGENTA                        RED                       GREEN                         BLUE
   ORANGE                        RASPBERRY                      DARK BLUE         ULTRA METALLIC:          PURPLE
   PEACOCK BLUE              ROYAL PURPLE                  LIGHT BLUE          SILVER                  * CUSTOM:
   BLUE                            LAVENDER                         ORANGE                GOLD                    DIAMOND PLATE
   PROCESS BLUE              BURGUNDY                        YELLOW                RED                       CARBON FIBER
   REFLEX BLUE                GREY                                 GREEN                  BLUE                                                 
   NAVY BLUE                   SATIN SILVER                     CONFETTI              PURPLE