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This is just a few of the cars we have done work on in the last few seasons.  We handle
nearly 400 orders a year, so this is just a sampling.  Keep checking back to see recent
additions to the gallery !  Click the links at the bottom to check out the other cars we
have handled.....More Late Models, Modifieds, Sprints and Midgets, Street Stocks and
Trailers/Haulers.  If a drivers' name is highlighted, click that link and it will take you to
their website.

 Late Models

    4-5-C06.jpg (273108 bytes)   45sorensen07.jpg (1694963 bytes)  Hero card.JPG (63580 bytes)  IMG_1715.JPG (3118908 bytes)
            Joe Kosiski                 Barry Sorensen               Randy Neal                  Maria Konold   
               Omaha, Ne.                   Harlan, Ia.               Lincoln City, Or             Clear Lake, SD   
  9steveRIP.jpg (177712 bytes)    4-20-A82.jpg (300508 bytes)    17tonydaly06.jpg (137185 bytes)  
                   Steve Light                         John Nicholson                          Tony Daly
                  Council Bluffs, Ia.                     Omaha, Ne                          Aberdeen, S.D.

   Practice night April5, 2006 016.jpg (275846 bytes)       81scott late07.jpg (592265 bytes)       inserra1.JPG (25485 bytes)
                      Troy Daly                     Scott Riggs Motorsports                     Chad Inserra
                     Omaha, Ne.                       Harrisburg, Ill.
                       Springfield, Ne.                             

     08dalyrtside.JPG (3983311 bytes)    miller07_3.jpg (1654940 bytes)    kevin07eastbay.jpg (442052 bytes)  
4-5-C13.jpg (277016 bytes)
                   Scott Daly                       Phil Miller                        Kevin Cole                     Corey Zeitner
                  Omaha, Ne.                    Plano, TX.                      Christopher, Il                  Bellevue, Ne
(Schwallie photo)

    4-20-A47.jpg (271116 bytes)      Burdic.jpg (293212 bytes)        pic 076.jpg (2543785 bytes)   

            Scotty Hartman               Jay Burdic/Harley Moen                 Karl Ritterbush      
              Waverly, Ne.                 Malvern, Ia/Omaha, Ne.                Marysville, Mo.

     IMAGE_201.jpg (255471 bytes)        54 doner 08.jpg (2615392 bytes)        15merritt07_1.JPG (389496 bytes)
            "The Mad Dog"                       Marty Doner                       Aubrey Merritt
           Scott Koskovich                   Council Bluffs, Ia.                       Georgia
              Omaha, Ne

          56Wallace_05_1.JPG (257289 bytes)   jason07eastbay.jpg (412820 bytes)
                    Dwight Wrich                                         Mike Wallace                               Jason Riggs 
                     Omaha, Ne.                               Walker Uniform Motorsports                  Harrisburg, Il
                                                                           Carter Lake, Ia.                              
(Schwallie photo)        

                                                                Ed Kosiski
                                                               Ralston, Ne.

     IMG_0174.jpg (1501984 bytes)    12hipnar07.jpg (77170 bytes)    Img_1170.jpg (1011441 bytes)
               Jay Norton                            Todd Hipnar                                George Jacobs
              Omaha, Ne.                              Blair, Ne.                             Kansas City, Kansas

    4-20-A42.jpg (310348 bytes)    25Perdue06.jpg (207395 bytes)   55merrill06.jpg (284877 bytes)  25Edwards07.jpg (1582629 bytes)
        Lightnin' Leon Zeitner                Brad Perdue                       Mike Merrill                    Kenny Edwards
              Papillion, Ne                    Council Bluffs, Ia.                Greenwood, Ne.                 Columbia, Mo   

    83joeyjr06.jpg (272246 bytes)       7-19-06 023.jpg (1604580 bytes)    Green 44 002.jpg (76593 bytes)
            Joey Bauer Jr.                      Carl Edwards                      Troy Daly
          Honey Creek, Ia.            Nascar Nextel Cup driver            Omaha, Ne

      Leighton.jpg (289629 bytes)   Grosse.jpg (283027 bytes)     J_Schwartz.jpg (259568 bytes) 
                 Bill Leighton, Jr.                       Alonzo Grosse                            Jon Schwartz                         
                   Omaha, Ne                               Iowa City, Ia                              Omaha, Ne

   4-20-A56.jpg (278791 bytes)      4-20-A34.jpg (275019 bytes)     Hobscheidt.jpg (295034 bytes)        
            Andrew Kosiski                  "Awesome Al" Zeitner          "The Hooterville Hustler"                 
               Omaha, Ne                           Bellevue, Ne                    Jason Hobscheidt                        
                                                                                                     Nehawka, Ne

   18laini07.jpg (58879 bytes)      Mander.jpg (274866 bytes)      Beau Sheffield.JPG (5198855 bytes)
                   Laini Schwartz                              Keith Mander Jr.                    Beau Sheffield
                     Omaha, Ne                                    Omaha, Ne                           Murdock, Ne

   Reno Fernley Photos.jpg (586018 bytes)       stevekoldschool.jpg (1433477 bytes)    Picture 039.jpg (3338859 bytes)   
              Larry Blake                          Steve Kosiski                  Brian & Misti            
          Trona, California                      Papillion, Ne                     Hostutler           
                                                                                               Midland, SD

   4-5-B90.jpg (297568 bytes)     91Farnsworth07.jpg (1633568 bytes)   4-20-A33.jpg (268790 bytes)    pic 046.jpg (2755230 bytes)
             Justin Zeitner              Steve Farnsworth              Mel Zeitner                       Ron Tilley
              Papillion, Ne                    Omaha, Ne                  Bellevue, Ne                  Glenwood, Iowa

   C29.jpg (302863 bytes)    4-5-C50.jpg (264841 bytes)    4-20-A03.jpg (307132 bytes)
            Shawn Harker                  Tony Leonardo                  Amanda Leonardo
         Nebraska City, NE              Plattsmouth, Ne                  Plattsmouth, Ne

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